7 Tips for Being Health Conscious When You Love Pasta

7 Tips for Being Health Conscious When You Love Pasta Just because you want to be healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up pasta. Here are some ways you can be health conscious while still being a pasta lover Poor pasta. Its reputation has taken a beating in recent years. So easily blamed for the many modern health issues. Did you know the average Italian eats 51 pounds of pasta per year? While the average North American consumes only 15 pounds. So how is it [...]

5 Feel Great Gluten Free Pasta Recipes!

Suffer from Celiac’s disease or have a wheat intolerance? Do you want to remove gluten products from your diet? If so, one of the first foods that you’re likely to eliminate is pasta. But if you’re like most people, pasta is a staple in your diet. Pasta is quick, versatile and filling. It can make the perfect main course or side dish. Dreading the idea of never enjoying pasta again? Fear not! The availability of gluten free pasta is on the rise. You’ll find [...]

Where’d that Noodle Come From?

Where’d that Noodle Come From? Pasta and different types of noodles have been around for centuries and each part of the world has put their own spin on it – the way it’s made or the way it tastes. We love them all! When we think about pasta, we almost immediately think about it coming from Italy but the history behind pasta goes a little deeper. Although many believe that pasta was originally created by the Italians, evidence of pasta creation can [...]

Organic Pasta, Is it actually better?

Organic Pasta, is it actually better? For the last several years we’ve heard the words organic, wheat free, GMO free, tossed around almost constantly when we are in the grocery store. We are always told that one is so much better than the other. When we walk through the grocery store aisle there are so many different labels indicating the benefits. One of the most common is organic. People most commonly associate organic with fruits and vegetables but it also [...]

Using Your Noodle – 8 Creative Ways to Use Noodles

Creative Ways to Use Noodles Many pasta lovers will create their own dishes with special sauces that they create on their own or have been passed down generation from generation. Sometimes creative ways to use pasta come as easily as just a mere experiment of different bases, spices, veggies or even proteins such as chicken or cheese. While you’re making a pasta dish, you might be wondering, what could I make with this? How can I make this different? Is there something [...]

How to: Making Pasta at Home!

Making Pasta at Home! Whether you are looking for something fun to do with your kids in the kitchen or you are watching what goes into your body… making your own pasta might be something to consider. Making your own pasta will add a little more personality to your next pasta night and a great conversation starter around the dinner table. Fresh vs. Dry Pasta   When we talk about pasta, there are two basic types – fresh and dry. Dry [...]

Pasta With a Pulse!

One of the saddest days for a pasta lover is when they are told that they need to go on a gluten free diet or have a wheat allergy. You can no longer have your beloved spaghetti…. Or can you? Maria’s Noodles is now helping those that can’t process wheat based products with a line of wheat free, artisan pastas located in Kitchener, Ontario. Those that have an intolerance to wheat can now get the same flavor, aroma and texture [...]

Picking the perfect pasta

Picking Perfect Pasta & Sauce Combinations

When you walk through the pasta aisle in the grocery store, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the options. From regular pasta to whole wheat pastas, fettuccini, bow tie or shells, you always wonder what you can do with each one. Is there specific sauce that goes best each type? What’s the best way to cook it?   You might be thinking, ‘it’s just pasta, I can’t ruin pasta’. But believe it or not, you can. If you undercook your [...]