Using Your Noodle – 8 Creative Ways to Use Noodles

Using Your Noodle – 8 Creative Ways to Use Noodles

Creative Ways to Use Noodles

Many pasta lovers will create their own dishes with special sauces that they create on their own or have been passed down generation from generation. Sometimes creative ways to use pasta come as easily as just a mere experiment of different bases, spices, veggies or even proteins such as chicken or cheese.

While you’re making a pasta dish, you might be wondering, what could I make with this? How can I make this different? Is there something in the house I haven’t tried with pasta?

If any of these questions make you think about the way you cook or if you want to try something a little different, check out this great collection of ways to use noodles that will wow you and your guests!


Tacos in Shells

If you’re a taco lover this will be a great one for you. Rather than using regular tortillas, swap them out for large pasta shells. Boil large shells until tender. Take your taco filling like you would for regular tacos and put it into the shells. Bake in the oven for approximately 15 minutes in your favourite salsa.

Breakfast Lasagna

It’s common to see pasta as a lunch or dinner dish but you may not have thought to add it to your breakfast menu for a special weekend treat. Use lasagna noodles to create great layers of egg, hash browns, sausage or whatever your breakfast favourites might be. You’ll have heads turning with this one!

Smokey Noodles & Cheese

For those that love to cook on the BBQ, this is a great meal to try. You probably didn’t think you could make pasta and cheese on the BBQ. Create your cheese sauce and cook your noodles until tender. Place the noodle and cheese mixture in an aluminum tray. You can then place this aluminum tray onto a cedar or maple plank and place on the BBQ to get that great smokey taste.

Noodle Crust

If you want mix it up, you can try a pasta crust instead of traditional pie crust when making meatball pie. Pasta makes a great base to hold your cheeses, meatballs and your sauce. You can be creative with your pasta crust – it will form an eggy texture. Because of the texture, it gives you the freedom to use your own spices and cheeses. A dish with a lot of flavour!

Cheesy Meatloaf

Everyone has their own homemade recipe for meatloaf – either one that you’ve made or one that has seen generations of enjoyment. These might be great recipes but if you’re looking to spice up your meatloaf this might be a conversation starter at the dinner table. When it’s time to go to the meatloaf, create a series of layers – meatloaf, add your noodles and cheese and then a top layer of meatloaf.

Chili Meets Your Favorite Pasta

If you love chili, you can make it into a great pasta sauce very easily. A chili spaghetti is the best of both worlds. If you’ve got your own special chili recipe, try it over some spaghetti noodles instead of making it like a traditional chili. If you don’t like a thick, stew like sauce, add a little water but you can cook your chili like any other.

Keep it Fruity

Getting your daily fruits and veggies can be a challenge but it doesn’t have to be. If you love your strawberries and you love your pasta, why not blend them together to make something great. If you want a sweet and savory dish, slice some fresh strawberries and place over an al dente pasta with a balsamic vinaigrette. If you’re adventurous, toss some red onion, basil or some shredded cheese.

Use Up Your Yogurt

Sometimes tomato or alfredo sauce can get a little boring but what everyone usually has in the fridge is yogurt. Rather than using store made sauces, or heavy cream when you make your own, try some yogurt. You can use almost any flavour of yogurt you might have to fit your mood. If you go with a plain yogurt, you can add any spices or protein. The best part of using a yogurt as a sauce, you can use it is a meal or even a snack to keep you going. Prepare pasta to keep in the fridge and when you need a boost, add it to a little yogurt.



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